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Leather & suede belt with red leather lining, 3.5 cm width

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Leather & suede belt  with red leather lining, 3.5 cm width
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* The items marketed on doketti.com are presented in the form of a photograph. There may be minor differences between the photo and the reality. They are in no way a defect.

What is your belt size?

You have 3 possibilities to know:

1) Measure the size of a belt you already wear.

You can measure a belt that fits you well laying it flat on a table. You will need to consider the size between the end of the buckle and the hole of the belt you are using, as shown in the diagram above.

2) Measure your waist (or hip) where you will position the belt.

Warning: The size will depend on the shape of the pants (high or low waist).

3) Take your pant size, multiply it by 2 and add 5 then round to the top ten.

Example: I am a size 42cm. That's 42cm. x 2 = 84cm. + 5 = 89cm. So you will take a 90cm belt.
Warning: This method is not the safest because does not take the shape of the pants (high waist or low).

Leather & suede belt  with red leather lining, 3.5 cm width
Color Black

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